Hiking tour: Korfos – Virgin Mary Chapel, Steiri

Following the hiking trail of 3,5 km northeast of Korfos, the visitor meets the historical chapel of Virgin Mary in Steiri (12th century). The journey in this serene landscape, the panoramic view over Korfos and the Argosaronikos Gulf, the unique sound of bells ringing from the necks of sheep and goats as they feed in the meadows… combine to the most soothing and relaxing effect. During Spring this experienced is enhanced by the perfume of abundant camomile.

Moderate duration: 45 minutes -hiking – Degree of difficulty: Medium uphill walking

Hiking tour: Korfos

The countryside surrounding Korfos is ideal for hiking. The sign-posted hiking trail, which once used to be the only route connecting Korfos to Sofikos, leads you into an extraordinary natural environment full of colors and aromas, with a gorgeous view over Korfos bay.

Moderate duration: 1.3-hour hiking – Degree of difficulty: Easy

Hiking tour: Sofiko – Korfos

The start-point of the itinerary is the Evangelistria Church in Sofikos. Wandering around the neighbourhoods of Sofikos, you stop at the stone theatre “Solygeia” which enjoys a panoramic view over the village. You then follow the sign-posted trail through the pine forest “Papadas”, up to the olive grove “Larisi” within which are two Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches. You are led to an old narrow path of outstanding beauty, with high drystone walls on both sides and a stone17th Century bridge -this was the path that used to connect Sofikos with Korfos bay until the mid-20th century, when part of the bridge collapsed. The view over Korfos bay is magical, while the beautiful creek “Zastani” and the post-Byzantine church of Aghia Anna are of particular interest. The hiking tour is complete on your arrival on Korfos beach and a delightful refreshing dip into the sea .

Long duration: 4 hours hiking – Degree of difficulty: Easy