Islands of the Argosaronikos Gulf

The numerous Greek islands speckling the seas around Greece have great and varied appeal. A trip to Greece would not be complete without a trip to one of them. There are several islands easily accessible from Korfos that would make for a fantastic day trip.

– Hydra with its imposing mansions, steep hill, car-free streets, glorious historical past and artistic reputation of worldwide fame is only a 10 minute ferry ride from the Peloponnese coast line Metoxi. There is a secure car park at the harbor from where you will be transported to another world for the day. Well worth the journey!(2h and 45 minutes to Metochi, 215 km)

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– Poros with beautiful Hora, Galatas, Lemonodasos and the Monastery of Zoodohos Pighi. This is the next nearest island in the Saronic Gulf and a water sports lover’s dream! Drive to Galatas, leave your car at the parking and take the 5 minutes ferry boat to Poros.

(1h and 15 minutes to Galatas, 71 km)

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– Spetses with its wonderful beaches, Bouboulina’s House*, the traditional horse carriages for romantic rides, the old shipyards, the spectacular Armata Festival and the famous small paradise-island Spetsopoula. This charming island is vibrant and full of life. A favourite escape for Athenians in the summer months! Drive to Kosta, leave your car at the parking and take the ferry to Spetses.

  1. Laskarina Bouboulina is a Greek heroine, known for her tremendous contribution to the Greek War of Independence and Greek Revolution in 1821 from the Turks.

(1h and 30 minutes to Kosta, 90km)

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