Korfos is a traditional Greek fishing village. Tucked away in a quiet bay, it is accessible by a single no through road, so it enjoys the luxury of no unnecessary traffic or visitors. One of the delights of visiting Korfos is the scenic drive to reach the village, through the pine drenched winding hills, only to emerge suddenly and dramatically, aloft, looking down over the sparkling azure waters of the Mediterannean dotted with small islands. Sunrise and sunset over these hills and waters is something to behold.

Korfos has all the amenities needed for a self contained holiday. It offers several water’s edge, traditional tavernas serving the fresh, rustic foods for which Greece is renowned as well as the delights of the fishermen’s daily catch straight off the boat. The sea food of the Mediterranean is second to none and coupled with the simplicity of the tavernas’ charcoal barbeques and simple cooking, this really is a gastronomic delight.

Korfos offers several beach side cafes and beach amenities (sun beds/umbrellas)
There are a few small shops that supply all the basic needs and groceries for a self-catered stay, including 2 bakeries selling traditional Greek pastries and delicacies and two small grocery stores selling food and toiletries.
Due to its sheltered location the waters are particularly tranquil and warm, offering safe swimming from the village beaches and surrounding waters and boat trips to explore isolated bays and nearby islands.
Korfos, like many traditional Greek villages, observes and celebrates several festivals and saints days throughout the year. Easter is a particular highlight in the calendar.

Visitors will soon discover that it is quite simple to slip into the relaxed, quiet pace of village life in Korfos. However, for those visitors a little more inclined to activity, the surrounding hillsides offer a number of varied hikes and opportunities for biking and numerous daytrip and attractions accessible from Korfos.